My World
  • Words from a princess to her parents

    No matter how much I irritated you,
    No matter how badly I troubled you,
    You always made me feel like a Princess of the world,
    And permitted me to let this all continue….
    Thanks for making me so special…. Mommy and Daddy.

    Most kids recall toys as their childhood moments,
    I would recall each and every moment of my childhood
    That gave me incredible love and affection from you to make me feel,
    ‘I am the only world for you….’

  • Hi All!!

    I am a daughter to my parents, sister to my siblings, granddaughter to my grandparents,… I am a ‘princess’- Mishti.

    A warm welcome to the world full of beautiful dolls, sparkling accessories, inimitable memories and sweet smiles. My world revolves around the smiling faces of my loved ones. Day by day I grow up a little and with it heighten the collection of memories around. And here I keep safe all my memories to share it with you.

    From the day one, I was treated like a princess. Blessed with the world’s best family and friends, I feel on the seventh sky to share my feelings with you.

    Thanks a lot for being a part of my world, keep blessing!!!

  • Silent Words

    May be I am very small to say all this… but I would still say it. On this special day of mine, I would say I got the best mom and dad of the world. The moment I opened my eyes, I saw the most beautiful creation of God, YOU- Mom and Dad. Despite of all my atrocities and prankishness I did to you, you thought for me single.

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